Development Projects

Our own Development Project at AP-Miniplant

AP-Miniplant continuously is developing components of its laboratory and pilot plant systems by itself or with support of its suppliers. For that purpose we have built up special test plants at our factory.

We work on improvements for the following products and product groups:

  1. Pressure resistant metal-ceramic flange-connections for temperatures up to 1000 °C
  2. Evaporator systems for small quantity evaporation
  3. Liquidified gas dosing systems without inert auxiliary gas
  4. Reactor systems for high vacuum applications in melt polymerization at high temperatures
  5. Polymerization reactors with solid particle forming in the gas phase
  6. Automatic composition of a documentation folders based on the part lists and manufacturers OEM documentation
  7. Quality control in automation projects

The projects no. 1-3 are financially supported by  the Department of Commerce of the Federal Republic of Germany.

No. 4-6 are  supported by the Department of Commerce of the federal state of Thuringia with funds from the European Social Fund in the program "Innovative human resources" for one engineer.