Catalyst Testing Plants

Micro Reactor System with GC

Micro reactor system with tubular reactor, pressure 100 bar at 650 °C, 10 bar at 850 °C, Material SS 1.4841 and Quartz (unpressurized, 1000 °C), Catalyst bed Ø14 x 100 mm isothermal, 9 Gas-Feeds with mass flow controllers, 2 liquid feeds with evaporators, hot-air-box up to 190°C to avoid condensation, 3-zone – reactor furnace, vacuum pump, condenser, gas-liquid separator, gas chromatograph, Control system Siemens S7 process logical control, PC-operated SCADA system WinCC and recipe control system.

Catalyst Testing Plants - Micro-Reactor


Synthesis Plants in a Container

The pictures below show 2 synthesis plants „Gas to Liquid“ built into a container. The PC for the operation is also inside a container.


Plant in a 4.4 m container

Plant container, 4.4 m long



30 ft. Container from outside


Katalysatortestanlagen – verschiedene Bauformen


Compact micro reactor system
Simple catalyst test system with touch panel
Simple catalyst test system for PC operation
Testplant with sulfur trap pre-reactor
Plant with sight window in the hot-air-box and GC
Catalyst test rig with 2 reactors and compressor for gas
Plant with 0.5 L catalyst filling volume