SCR-Diesel Catalyst Test Plants

Multiple Reactor Systems for the Test of Automotive Catalysts

Catalyst test system with 2 to 4 reactors for SCR-Diesel catalysts. As a sample drill cores of the catalyst comb with a diameter of 1” and a length of 3” to 12” are used. They are placed into a tube of quartz glass and sealed with a ceramic ribbon. The quartz tube is placed into a pressure reactor tube made of high temperature stainless steel. This is heated in a split type furnace. The operating range is between 150 and 550 °C at an operating pressure of 1.1 to 3 bar a. The artificial exhaust gas mixture is taken from gas cylinders and the mixture is adjusted using mass flow controllers. Steam is generated from liquid desalinated water. The composition is measured online using a FTIR analyzer system. The FTIR also measures the exhaust gas. The measurement time is 1 second with a FTIR cooled with liquid nitrogen. An additional standby-gas-flow allows the parallel operation of 2 reactors sharing the same artificial gas and the FTIR. The rest of the reactors can be used in cooling or heating mode. For automation the distributed control system Simatic PCS7 is used, combined with the module Simatic Batch. The later allows the flexible setup of predefined recipes for different test programs.