Extraction Dryer for Plastic Chips with Baskets

Rotary drum dryer with washing device for hot water extraction, for 15 kg of plastic pellets. The rotating device is equipped with 3 baskets for 5 kg pellets each. The baskets are rotated. The drum is heated electrically from outside. The temperature is measured at multiple positions inside the drum. The washing is done my preheated water up to 95 °C. The drying is done under vacuum with up to 200 °C. Before the vacuum pump a condenser is placed. The dry running vacuum pump is suitable for liquid loads. The steps in this unit are done automatically by a user defined recipe.

Extraktionstrockner für Kunststoffpellets  


Drum Dryer for Drying and Solid-Phase Polymerization

Rotating drum dryer with 7 baskets for the test of drying and solid state polymerization processes. Drying temperature up to 250 °C, controlled nitrogen flow, vacuum pump. The baskets can be taken out separately to check the samples at different drying times. Controlled by single controllers with time program logic.