Simple Stirred Reactor Plants

Hot Liquid Exposure Sample Testing Device

Stirred reactor, 9L, -1/6 bar, 150 °C, pivot-mounted magnetic stir bar with speed controlled magnetic drive. Heated by the heating plate of the magnetic drive, inside temperature control.

5 L Batch Polymerization Reactor

Stirred reactor, 5 L, -1/25 bar, 350 °C, with speed controlled motor. No Automation, Digital data logger with monitor and USB-connection.

Low-cost Batch Plant, 5 L

Stirred Reactor, 5 L, -1/6 bar, 150 °C, with magnetic bar and speed controlled drive below the reactor.  The magnetic stirrer is pivot-mounted at the end of the dip tube. Jacketed for heating and cooling, emptying by a dip tube, condenser, distillate collection tank, vacuum pump with controller, nitrogen feed, single controllers, data recorder with monitor screen and USB-connection.

High Temperature Glass Reactor-Plant

Stirred Reactor made of glass with stainless steel lid, 5 L, -1/0.2 bar, 300 °C, condenser with distillate tank, thermostat for 300 °C, vacuum station, dosing system with balance, control by single controllers.

Stirred Reactor, 50 L with Dosing Pump

Stirred reactor, 50 L, -1/3 bar, 150 °C, Pharmaceutical design, with thermostat, peristaltic pump, level- and temperature measurement. With single controllers and electronic data recorder.

Polymerization Plant, 10 L - Semi-Automatic

Reactor 10 L, -1/16 bar, 350 °C, with Thermostate for 300 °C, reflux column, condenser, dosing pump, vacuum pump, dump tank, nitrogen supply system. Automated with single controllers for vacuum, pressure, stirrer speed and temperture. With data recorder.