We also find Solutions for Special Requirements!

Wherever possible, we use industrial standard products ready available on the market. This saves costs, makes it easier to get spare parts and is the basis for reliable products.

For some applications such a standard solution cannot be found. In such cases you benefit from our experience and our network of about 700 suppliers. Below you find some examples for special solutions.



Special reactors
  Special apparatus made of stainless steel and glass
  Special apparatus made of quartz glass for temperatures up to 1000 °C
  Specially developed high temperature flange connection made of high temperature stainless steel up to 850 °C under pressure
  Circulation evaporator made of glass with an electrical stainless steel heating element with extra-large surface
Stirred reactor with a counterflow stirrer and a dispersion stirrer
Hot air box to avoid otherwise necessary trace heating for a better access to the system
  Reactor with hot air bath and electrical preheaters for a temperature of max.450 °C
  Glass bottles, on balance, stirred and heated
  Tightly packed reactor lid, heated with thermos-oil
  Stirred reactor with motor on preloaded load cells
  Liquidified gas pump with cooling for pumping liquids which are at the boiling point
  Catalyst dosing which can be filled and assembled under inert conditions
  Assembly unit for the catalyst dosing vials including flushing facilities
  Catalyst injection pump 
  Automatic solid doser with pneumatic hammer
  Chemical resistant PTFE pump and control valve
  Plug device for multiple thermocouples
  Integration of an industrial online GC
  Partial Ex-Proof installation
  Mobility by the installation of plant in a container
  Installed crane for the removal of a 30 L washing cylinder